Ladies and gentlemen,
 My name is Nicolas Tetreault-Abel and I am a freelance digital artist who's from Quebec, Canada. Epicurean of the 7th art since my childhood, passionate about art and its culture, I always had the deep conviction that I would one day make it my profession. I am a big fan of pop culture and I'm constantly looking for new ideas to create. I am a hard worker, dedicated and detail oriented person.
In 2010, I made the leap into the fantastic world of digital arts. It quickly became a passion for me, a way of life. For fun, for myself and then I wanted to make it my job. It was a dream for me to be able to live from my art and my passion. Couple years ago I made the biggest move, I gave up everything to devote myself solely to what I wanted to do. Following long days and short nights of hard work, I finally made the jump into the entertainment industry.
I've been working as a freelance digital artist since 2019. I've worked for a few agencies and for clients such as Netflix, UFC, Shudder, AMC, History Channel and others. I know the game and can work under pressure. I can adapt to any situation, and I'm always looking for new challenges and meeting other passionate people like me.
The diligence of work, honesty, respect, attention to detail and deadlines, creativity are all qualities that I make a point of respecting.                                     For freelance project or any inquiries don't hesitate to contact me it will be a pleasure for to meet you !
                                   WORKING WITH CLIENT LIKE
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